Small Batch Peach-Mango Sour IPA


Soured in the kettle with lactobacillus and heavily dry-hopped with Lemondrop. We then threw in a proverbial ton of spring-harvest fruits. Tart, sweet, hazy, hoppy, fruity, and juicy! 6.6% ABV (crowler or growler)

**BYOG**:  Due to a temporary shortage of crowlers/growlers, this product is currently unavailable for delivery in any of our North Carolina locations. If you wish to order for tasting room pickup, PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN GROWLER*. The growler must be clean and beer-ready, or we will be unable to fill it. Please be assured that we’ll have a touchless growler exchange system in place that properly sanitizes the outer surface of the container.

Alternatively, you may place your delivery order now and we’ll deliver the week of 4/6 when growlers come back in stock.

*We will fill any size growler (32oz or 64oz) for the same price.